Aviatrix Systems – Simplicity for Cloud Networking

Last week I participated in Cloud Field Day 4 in Silicon Valley. One of the sessions was presented by Aviatrix Systems and I already revealed my enthusiasm about this session in my last blog post. Networking is always a complex matter and I welcome each and every player defining their mission as to “Make Cloud Networking as simple and dynamic as Cloud Compute and Storage”.

The Founder of Aviatrix Systems, Sherry Wei, worked at Cisco for 13 years. She led and developed some of Cisco´s first generation products ( ). Furthermore she has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering.


Aviatrix is an emerging leader within Cloud Routers and enables companies to connect and secure applications in the public cloud. The purpose of Aviatrix is to build systems to connect with AWS, Azure and Google.

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Cloud Field Day 4 – Thoughts from a first time delegate

What an awesome week I just had – I returned with great inspiration and am in awe of the creativeness and visions from the many startups I met as a Tech Field Day delegate in Silicon Valley.

Tech Field Day is a well-known series of tech events and is very respected in the tech community. I’ve been looking at the videos thinking this event was out of my league. It never occurred to me that I could be part of this group of people being presented to small startups from Silicon Valley. Just before my summer holiday Andrea Mauro and Pietro Piutti both encouraged me to apply (thank you so much guys). I took a deep breath and completed the form and by much surprise I was invited by Stephen Foskett to join CFD4!

I experienced so much the last few days and this will just cover some of the highlights. I’m working on a blog post on the sessions including videos of the presentations.

Several startups and HQ visits

What I find very unique to the Tech Field Day concept is that you’re presented to not just one but several and very different technologies. We got insight into the many angles of the Multi-Cloud world including: Networking, Storage, Backup and Security. We did not just stay in one place but visited several office spaces. These visits added that extra something as all HQs represented a different culture.

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Textrovert turns 1 year – Hooray

You have no idea how much I´ve been looking forward to write this blog post! Mid-April my company, Textrovert, celebrated it´s first birthday. And what a ride it has been to create and build my own job.  When I first became self-employed I had only an idea and a bunch of butterflies. I’ve been a bit quiet about my journey as I needed time to create a foundation for myself.

I’m very thankful for all my projects and I can honestly say I’ve never felt more comfortable, challenged or excited in a job.

I´ve worked with several cool projects in the past year, and I want to share an overview with you:

Arrow Podcast

I’ve been very proud of being part of Arrow Podcast series together with Karina Søndergaard Nielsen and Annette Jakobsen from Arrow ECS in Denmark. This podcast series is taking up different tech themes through roundtable discussions and interviews with tech customers. In my opinion the podcast has a community feel to it, and we’ve been able to get some very interesting guests on the podcast, which thus serves to share knowledge and be an inspiration to the Danish tech community.

I have the pleasure of being both the producer and the co-host of the podcast series, and I’m currently on a flight to join VMware vFORUM in Reykjavik and start a service provider podcast series to serve as an inspiration for Nordics. Iceland has a unique community and they are very early adopters of new technology. I’m excited to get to talk to Icelandic partners about this, and the conversations will be my first podcast recordings in English (which is kind of nerve-wrecking being a non-native English speaker).

Blog content

I’ve been involved in a few projects creating technical blog content for a number of vendors. Creating local content is one of my main focus areas. I always do intensive research before creating my own stories. I’ve truly enjoyed reading up on different and new (to me) tech solutions and extracting the right value to customers.

The only down side to all my exiting blog projects is that now I’m communicating through so many different channels, that my blog is not given the love and regular updates as I would want.


I’ve personally always been a big fan of SoMe and a huge part of my network was established through Twitter. I’ve used my passion for knowledge sharing on SoME to help vendors and partners develop their own channels and sharing right content for their particular customers.


Before becoming self-employed I worked at Arrow ECS in Denmark. Arrow has a well-established reputation of being the number one organizer of group travels for VMworld in Denmark, and one of my responsibilities together with Arrow Marketing team was to arrange this event.

To try something different I did a video project at VMworld 2016 in BCN on the Arrow YouTube Channel. This project attracted a lot of attention and has since then earned me some video projects at Textrovert. I never expected videos to be one of my commercial focus areas, but it makes so much sense. People learn in different ways and of course we should communicate and share our knowledge accordingly through different media: Podcasts, writing or videos.


I’m not sure whether this belongs in a Textrovert blog post or not – but I feel really proud of it and I can’t help mentioning it: 2017-18 have brought me so many possibilities and I am proud of having been invited to: VeeamON, HPE Discover and Oracle Ravello Blogger Day. It has been exciting being NDA briefed, getting unique opportunities and be able to network with different and new (to me) communities around the world.

Also, I was honored to be invited to join the Influence Marketing Council by John and Kat Troyer. I’m sure all of you have noticed the great job John and Kat are continuously doing for the tech community. I see them as role models on how to pay it forward and I’m amazed by the passion and persistence in how they keep developing other people’s opportunities and careers.

Partnerships with Textrovert and the future

Because of my involvement with so many different projects, I’ve initiated a few partnerships to help me deliver the best solutions to my customers. I’m very happy to be a one person company and to do most things by myself. But in the future I might have more partnerships.

The journey to the point where I am today has not been a smooth sailing all the way. But looking back at every single challenge I concurred along the way, I am sure they brought me to where I am now.


If you’ve now read the whole post I want to say ‘Thank you!’, and I hope to see you later this year. 

Note : I’m now in beautiful Iceland getting ready to join vFORUM . I had a spectacular day yesterday with VMUGIS.


Oracle Ravello Blogger Day 2

I’ve been very honored to be one of 29 influencers from around the world being invited to participate in Oracle Ravello Blogger Day 2 on March 8th. The 8-hour event was held at Oracle HQ in Redwood City, CA and 40% of the attendees had attended RBD1 10 months before. Throughout the day there were much interaction with all presenters and a ton of questions. The sessions were inspiring and all the questions gave the day new angles and thoughts to be discussed throughout the event and after.


Ravello Systems was founded in 2011 in Palo Alto and was acquired by Oracle in February 2016. It focuses on seamlessly deploying existing VMware or KVM data on Oracle Cloud infrastructure without any modifications to the VM’s, network or storage. The workload will run on Ravello’s own hypervisor HVX and does not require the use of ESXi.

Ravello differentiators

There was a big focus from Oracle Cloud team on SLA and the differentiator here is that Oracle cloud offers performance SLA together with manageability and availability SLA.

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All the good things – Thank you!

This has been a great week for me personally. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be a part of this great community. I love seeing relationships being built across the world as we meet around a common interest.


Monday before I went to #RBD2 I was invited to join Influencer Marketing Council. The Council is run by John Troyer and Kat Troyer. IMC is a private community for B2B tech marketers who work with influencers, advocates, and communities This is a project I’ve been watching from the side and have been reading some of IMC’s interesting articles on Medium.  I’m so proud to be amongst influencer bad-asses and hope to contribute to IMC. I’ve already joined a discussion on the IMC forum and got very valuable info and new angles.

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Upcoming VMUGDK + Extra bonus for our members

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming VMUGDK meeting in Copenhagen. I’m particularly looking forward to catching up with all our members and am very proud of this year’s format and agenda. This is a short post on some of the highlights.

You can see the whole agenda  and register on our event site: www.vmug.com/denmark

 The Experts

Opening Keynote by Kit Colbert, VP & CTO, Cloud Platform BU at VMware. This is Kit Colbert’s first visit to VMUGDK and I’m very happy he is opening our event.

As always we have great vRockstar speakers you would not hear from unless you are at VMworld.

Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman, Niels Hagoort, Ole Agesen, Grant Orchard, Joerg Lew, Myles Gray and more.

We have some great community sessions from our members including: Jacob Styrup Bang from Århus Universitet and Stefan Pahrman from LEGO.

The Devil Is In The Data: Cyberstalking Criminals

Ken Westin is a new speaker to VMUG and I’m very happy he has accepted our invitation to do the closing keynote. I noticed Ken via several articles a couple of years ago and immediately thought he would be a great speaker for our community.

He has been a speaker at DEF CON and other security conferences. He is referred to as ‘The Good Hacker’ and has spent 15 years working with law enforcement and research teams to analyze current and emerging threats to determine how our everyday products and gadgets can mitigate these threats.

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HPE Discover Day 1 and 2

I was so happy to be invited as an influencer to HPE Discover this year. This is a wrap up of my experiences from the event so far.


One of things I always spend a lot of time on is the community. This is something I’m very passionate about being a VMUG Leader in Denmark.

The Tech community is a tribe and a place to form true relationships. Being the first HPE Discover for me, there is a lot of new faces but also some familiar ones.

I finally got to meet the people behind vBrownbag. Jeffrey and Alistair. I’ve known them from Twitter and VMworld since forever but haven’t had a chance to sit down and talk with them. They are handling the live streaming of HPECoffeeTalk and works as a moderator for the Q&As. On the first night I had a great conversation with Alistair about vBrownbag and communities in general. I would love vBrownbag to visit VMUG Denmark I just need a way to sponsor their visit (Any ideas?)

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HPE Discover and today’s announcements from HPE

HPE Discover

In a week I will be in Madrid for HPE Discover. I’m so thankful for being invited to the HPE Influencer program 2017 and getting unique opportunities to hear the latest news and meeting with HPE executives and experts.

Via my company Textrovert I get insights in lots of different technologies. I really love this part of my job. 2 years ago I was a system administrator and I see so many exciting new tools I would have loved working with. One of my projects have been working with Aruba. And I’m looking forward to learning more about Clearpass, Beacons and Aruba Central when I get to HPE Discover.

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Share your Datacenter Horror Stories

Share the scariest moments in your tech career

This week I recorded a Podcast with ‘Datacenter horror stories’. I was very happy to have Henrik Mønster, Robert Jensen, Annette Jakobsen and Rasmus Haslund joining me on this podcast where we shared the scariest moments in our careers – The stories that still make us wake up at night.

We had a lot of fun recording the podcast and it inspired me to do this blog post.  I’m sure you will have a similar story and I thought it might be fun to hear other stories from around the world and I hope you will join in on this initiative.

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Hvordan håndterer du et Cyber angreb?

I min tid som systemadministrator, var en del af mit ansvarsområde: risikoanalyse, beredskabsplan og Disaster Recovery. Jeg husker tydeligt den første Disaster Recovery test, der skulle laves. Det var dengang at agentbaserede (og komplicerede) backupprodukter var førende. Vi fik konsulenthjælp udefra, og der var så mange dele, der skulle passe sammen, både fysisk opsætning, men også det faktum at fx genskabe Active Directory ikke bare, er at knipse med fingrene. Jeg har revet mig i håret mange gange og husker tydeligt da vi fik Veeam. Herefter lavede jeg en årlig test af hele vores miljø og fik det testet og nedlagt – hurtigt.

Nu er jeg selvstændig og ser IT fra en anden side. Jeg har været så heldig, at være med til, at facilitere et nyopstartet tiltag: Arrow Podcast. I den forbindelse, talte jeg med Peter Troels Brahe, omkring Cyber Crisis Management. Han kom med flere gode pointer, jeg gerne ville have hørt , da jeg sad med ovenstående opgaver. Når man sidder i en it-afdeling spørger man sig selv: Har vi sikret os nok? Og hvad hvis uheldet alligevel er ude?

I episode 3 af Arrow Podcast fortæller Peter Troels Brahe omkring hvorfor man skal forvente et Cyber angreb, og hvordan man bedst forbereder sin virksomhed. Han har over 20 års erfaring fra forsvaret og fortæller omkring parallellerne mellem fysiske og Cyber ulykker.

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