Oracle Ravello Blogger Day 2

I’ve been very honored to be one of 29 influencers from around the world being invited to participate in Oracle Ravello Blogger Day 2 on March 8th. The 8-hour event was held at Oracle HQ in Redwood City, CA and 40% of the attendees had attended RBD1 10 months before. Throughout the day there were much interaction with all presenters and a ton of questions. The sessions were inspiring and all the questions gave the day new angles and thoughts to be discussed throughout the event and after.


Ravello Systems was founded in 2011 in Palo Alto and was acquired by Oracle in February 2016. It focuses on seamlessly deploying existing VMware or KVM data on Oracle Cloud infrastructure without any modifications to the VM’s, network or storage. The workload will run on Ravello’s own hypervisor HVX and does not require the use of ESXi.

Ravello differentiators

There was a big focus from Oracle Cloud team on SLA and the differentiator here is that Oracle cloud offers performance SLA together with manageability and availability SLA.

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