HPE announcements May 24th 2017 – 3PAR, Nimble Storage and MSA

Last week I was at VeeamON in New Orleans with the Veeam Vanguard program. So much content and a great community feeling.

I was very lucky to catch up with Calvin Zito, HPE Storage Evangelist and he agreed on doing two interviews. The first one is a summary of the news focused on Nimble Storage and HPE. You can read more and watch the interview here on HPE storage blog.

HPE announcements May 24th

I’ve been looking very much forward to showing you the second interview. Calvin Zito gave me a chance to hear all the announcements ahead of time and be able to share with you just as they announce. HPE Discover is in a couple of weeks and typically all announcements will be revealed at the event. This time so much other news will happening there and HPE storage team announce their news today. You will hear news on more performance, integration HPE/Nimble, 3PAR and MSA.

I’m still new to video interviews so bare with me – practice makes perfect!



The Perfect VeeamON Schedule

There is less than a week until VeeamON in New Orleans and I can’t wait to join.

I’m very lucky to be part of Veeam Vanguard program (and proud to be one of 3 female Veeam Vanguard in the world). Veeam Vanguard is a unique program with a very active community – the Slack Channel debates are endless and passionate. I don’t think I’ve seen more interaction in any community ever and I’m looking very much forward to catching up with all my Vanguard friends.

This year will be the first time I join VeeamON and my expectations are high. I usually join VMworld which is a bigger conference and I’m looking forward to also trying a more intimate crowd of 3000 attendees. The agenda tells me a lot of interesting experts will join and I’m looking forward to all the keynote speakers:

Sanjay Poonen, COO, Customer Operations, VMware, Mark Russinovich, CTO, Microsoft Azure, and Frank Palumbo, Senior VP, Cisco Global Datacenter & Virtualization Sales, Cisco, Bill Philbin, Senior VP and GM for Storage & Big Data Segment Solutions, Datacenter Infrastructure Group, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The perfect VeeamON schedule:

This is your chance to get the knowledge about Availability and Veeam. We all have different ways to learn and you can mix-and-match to get your personal and perfect schedule:

  • There is a catalog of Breakout sessions. Don’t forget to pre register for sessions via the website or the mobile app.
  • VMCE Training – this is your chance! VeeamOn has gathered the best instructors from around the globe and don’t miss your chance to be certified.
  • Lab Warz: Hands on Labs are usually a plus of this kind of events. But in this case you can show off your skills and compete in hands-on lab exercises to win! The Lab Warz competition is based on your knowledge of Veeam technologies and best practices! Take the Veeam Lab Warz challenge and compete with your peers.
  • Expo Lounge: The Solution Exchange at VMworld has for many years been one of my favorite places to be. You can interact with experts and see upcoming technology. I’m looking forward to hearing all the announcement, insights and having great conversations here.

A Few Things to Remember:

Don’t forget to fill out your ESTA application to enter U.S

Remember to pack comfortable. shoes!

Can’t Make to VeeamON?

If you’re not able to get to VeeamON there is different ways to follow the announcements and insights. Follow on Twitter via #VeeamON and all the Veeam Vanguard blogs. WARNING: You will be jealous but at least you will be updated

Unik chance for at komme til VeeamON 2017 i New Orleans

I samarbejde med Veeam Vanguard programmet er jeg stolt af at kunne tilbyde Blogger passes til Aktive medlemmer af VeeamUG i Danmark og Island. Jeg håber at jeg på denne måde  kan hjælpe nogle af jer på vej til jeres deltagelse til VeeamON i New Orleans 16- 18. maj 2017.

VeeamON er Veeams store årlige konferencer, hvor du kan få adgang til unikke sessioner og mulighed for at tale med hjernerne bag teknologien. Udover Veeams egne eksperter sender flere producenter også deres specialister med. Der vil være flere muligheder for at tale med Veeam og producenter og stille de spørgsmål, der netop er relevante for dit arbejde. Læs mere om Veeams konference her.

For at være med i lodtrækningen skal du besvare via følgende Ansøgningsform. Svar inden udgangen af april her:

Der er i øvrigt også en konkurrence om en fuld rejse ovre hos Arrow ECS her: