Upcoming VMUGDK + Extra bonus for our members

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming VMUGDK meeting in Copenhagen. I’m particularly looking forward to catching up with all our members and am very proud of this year’s format and agenda. This is a short post on some of the highlights.

You can see the whole agenda  and register on our event site: www.vmug.com/denmark

 The Experts

Opening Keynote by Kit Colbert, VP & CTO, Cloud Platform BU at VMware. This is Kit Colbert’s first visit to VMUGDK and I’m very happy he is opening our event.

As always we have great vRockstar speakers you would not hear from unless you are at VMworld.

Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman, Niels Hagoort, Ole Agesen, Grant Orchard, Joerg Lew, Myles Gray and more.

We have some great community sessions from our members including: Jacob Styrup Bang from Århus Universitet and Stefan Pahrman from LEGO.

The Devil Is In The Data: Cyberstalking Criminals

Ken Westin is a new speaker to VMUG and I’m very happy he has accepted our invitation to do the closing keynote. I noticed Ken via several articles a couple of years ago and immediately thought he would be a great speaker for our community.

He has been a speaker at DEF CON and other security conferences. He is referred to as ‘The Good Hacker’ and has spent 15 years working with law enforcement and research teams to analyze current and emerging threats to determine how our everyday products and gadgets can mitigate these threats.

Læs resten

VMUGDK meeting March 30th 2017

Thank you to all who attended VMUGDK (VMware User Group Denmark) meeting Thursday March 30th. This is a summary of our meeting in Palads biograferne where we’d rented 3 Cinemas and had 160 registered.

This post is inspired by my friend Jane Rimmer. She ran the LonVMUG / UKVMUG for several years and always gives a ‘Rimmary’ of the all the VMUG meetings she attends. I’ve always thought they were a good idea and as a VMUG Leader in Denmark I’ve also found inspiration for the meetings in Denmark.

We had 160 registered for this meetings which is a good turnout for our quarterly meetings. The last time we met was our Nordic VMUG UserCon November 30th with more than 400 attendees.

We tried something new this time and invited EUC UG, Automation UG, and vROPs UG to our meeting. VMUGDK Leadership team took care of all the practical things with sponsors, agenda and invitations etc.  and we gave these UG each 2-3 sessions for them to fill. This was a great way to help all the sub-UG we have in Denmark and also to give a new angle to our VMUG.

We started the meeting with a welcome to all attendees and had the announcement of 21 Danish vExperts. We had a short session on how to make a community session by Nicolai Sandager. As always we’re looking for sessions from our members as these meetings are knowledge sharing and community sessions  are a way to learn from one another. If you’re interested in having a session 15 minutes – 1 hour you can always apply here and Anders Mikkelsen will get back to you.

First session of the day was from our Gold Sponsor Cohesity. We were lucky to have Rawlinson Rivera, Chief Technology Officer visiting us and talking about how Cohesity manage backups in his session “Taking VMware protection to the next level”.  My favourite pic from the day was taken at Rawlinson session by Paul Schatteles.

After our general session we split up into 3 rooms where we had different sessions from our community and VMware.

At our Lunch break, Karina Søndergaard Nielsen from Arrow ECS Denmark stopped by to give all the Danish vExperts a personal vExpert T-shirt. This was a great recognition from Arrow ECS and everyone had big smiles on their faces.

To finish the day we had a session with our Silver Sponsor Veeam  Martin Plesner-Jacobsen talking dedupe and change rates in his general session “Veeam – VM Backup without VMware Snapshot”. Martin is a great speaker and always keeps his sessions full of energy and interaction.

This was the 5th time we’ve had our meeting in Palads Biograferne. It’s a tradition to end the day with a movie, sodas and popcorn. I had some fun and arranged to start the showing of “Beauty and the Beast”  – I couldn’t stop laughing and let it run for about 5 minutes before we ended with the showing of the movie Logan

Announcement Usercon 2017

The past 3 years we’ve been having our big event in Q4: Nordic VMUG Usercon with 4-600 attendees. These have been a lot of fun and I’ve always been proud of the content, The Rockstar speakers and the turnout.

Now we’re trying something new. We still want to have a big event and invite all the other Nordic VMUGs – this is our yearly Viking gathering and this will not change. The feedback from these events have always been very good, and the VMUG HQ has always been a great support with all the event handling.

Some of the feedback has also been that our event felt like any other vendor event which made me a bit sad. We felt as if we were moving away from our awesome community. We will do a ‘Back to the roots’ Nordic VMUG with more interaction and knowledge sharing. I’m looking very much forward to start planning this together with our Leadership team and we welcome all input.

Next meeting

Our Next VMUG meeting is our summer metting  June 15th  This is as tradition at the VMware office in Nærum and has a max of 70 attendees – it usually sells out in 2 hours so keep an eye on your mailbox. This will be the 10th time our VMUG member Steen Spuur will make our special VMUG beers and arrange a beer tasting + BBQ!

As always I welcome comments and suggestions to our meetings as we’re always looking to improve.